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A synergy of function and design that has allowed us to specialize in the technical molding.

A process of refinement that led us to make productions of high-level and high technology, characterized by a particular attention to the details and customization.

Experience gained on the field, thanks to which we have developed a multi function – multi purpose approach, with which we are able to provide a complete and varied range of solutions: from the simple plastic screw to the ski polycarbonate shell, resistant to the impact at very low temperatures and customizable with infinite chromatic effects (fluorescent, iridescent, metallic, glitter, pearly, etc.)


Depending on the needs, we offer an exact and coherent intervention, calibrated from time to time on specific preferences and in line with the most sought expectations.

Technological innovation of materials and machinery – combined with the high know-how and the outstanding reliability – is the secret of our success, pursued each time with a view of a careful customer satisfaction.

The production of injection-moulded pieces or thermoformed pieces and then cut and processed with CNC or 6-axis robot, is our core business.

Every produced article Is also customized with pad, hot stamping or laser.