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PRORACE srl is an Italian company founded in 1993 by Pierantonio Camozzi. We are manufacturers of helmets for skiing, mountaineering, cycling, work and ski protections.

The company expresses itself as a quality artisan reality in compliance with the ethical moral and social responsibility that distinguishes it.

Each sporting item is handcrafted using Italian labor, in compliance with the “MADE IN ITALY” product philosophy.

The knowledge of materials and the use of technology, combined with the artisan experience, has led the company, for over 25 years, to a leading role among the producers of ski helmets, mountaineering helmets, cycling helmets, work helmets and slalom protections.

Professionalism, proficiency, forefront and technology.

These are the factors that have made our success over the years, allowing us to achieve high quality standards and to develop an excellent customer portfolio.

The excellence in the performance is the leitmotiv on which we have built our business, based on the production’s quality.
The customer’s success is our success and every work is a new challenge: a unique opportunity to consolidate the already matured competence and to develop new skills.

ProRace, Mission & Vision

Our mission: to guarantee innovative plastic molding techniques.

Our vision: to act with punctuality, precision and reliability, respecting the customer’s needs and achieving an excellent final result.

Rapid intervention and rationalization of resources do the rest, allowing us to propose cutting-edge solutions.

ProRace, Experience 

synergy of function and design that has allowed us to specialize in the technical molding.

A process of refinement that led us to make productions of high-level and high technology, characterized by a particular attention to the details and customization.

Experience gained on the field, thanks to which we have developed a multi function – multi purpose approach, with which we are able to provide a complete and varied range of solutions: from the simple plastic screw to the ski polycarbonate shell, resistant to the impact at very low temperatures and customizable with infinite chromatic effects (fluorescent, iridescent, metallic, glitter, pearly, etc.)

ProRace, Flexibility

For over 25 years we have been collaborating with world leaders in the supply of sports materials
Depending on the needs, we offer an exact and coherent intervention, calibrated from time to time on specific preferences and in line with the most sought expectations.

Technological innovation of materials and machinery – combined with the high know-how and the outstanding reliability – is the secret of our success, pursued each time with a view of a careful customer satisfaction.

The production of injection-moulded pieces or thermoformed pieces and then cut and processed with CNC or 6-axis robot, is our core business.

Every produced article Is also customized with pad, hot stamping or laser.

ProRace, we can

A cult of doing that we pursue with dedication and professionalism, proud of our past and continually oriented towards the future. A future that promises us a new challenge: to add new market segments to the sports universe, opening up our business to them.

Strengthened by the skills gained over all these years and eager to face new adventures, we have decided to expand our business, applying functional and process specificities to alternative sectors. A tool to enrich the range of services we offer and satisfy sophisticated and diverse needs.

We are also guided in this new challenge by the pioneering spirit that has always accompanied us: to explore the world with curiosity, offering innovative solutions with which to satisfy specific needs, guarantee excellent performance and maintain a high quality standard.