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Excellent helmets for performance in summit

ProRace is a producer and manufacturer of mountaineering and climbing helmets 100% Made in Italy. We collaborate with the most famous sports brands worldwide.

Observing and analyzing the evolution of mountaineering over the years has allowed us to create high quality helmets
increasingly performing, compliant with sector regulations.

Climbers expect their helmet to provide them with safety and protection and at the same time give them the feeling of compactness and comfort.

We will ensure that those who dedicate themselves to this sport focus on climbing and movements, leaving us and your brand the task of guaranteeing the quality of what they wear.

PR Roccia

Certification: EN12492:2003 and UIAA
Compact, lightweight and confortable shell with good ventilation thants to the numerous openings on the shell;
Provided with a hook for headlamp;

Adjustable size with wheel fitting system suitable for men, women and children (one size 50-61 cm);
Lightweight external shell in ABS and internal shell in EPS

Compatible with visor “visor”
Shell colors: red, anthracite, green, light blue
One size

Mountaineering Helmet

Very comfortable mountaineering helmet, with a comfortable fit
It offers a maximum level of safety and security
Lightweight and resistant

Certification: EN12492
External shell: High Impact ABS
Internal shell: EPS
Available in 1 shell: adjustable one size 53-63 cm

Shell finish: matt + stickers or with pad printing
Padding: Ritmo, sanitized velveteen
With ventilation: YES
Lampholder predisposition

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